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12 Question Feedback Form
12 Question Feedback Form
Help us know where we crushed it and where we missed it. Be brutality honest. All of this is anonymous so don't hold back! If you don't want to answer a question or it doesn't apply to you, just leave it blank.
1. It was easy to find where we gather.
2. The connect card was explained well.
3. Bryan's message was clear and easy to understand.
4. I heard how I could give financially to Banner Hill.
5. Our volunteers were friendly and well informed.
6. It was easy to find our two Banner Kids locations. (If not applicable, leave blank.)
7. My children enjoyed Banner Kids. (If not applicable, leave blank.)
8. Banner Kids was a safe environment for my children. (If not applicable, leave blank.)
9. The Resource and Cafe areas really helped me feel at home.
10 I will return to Banner Hill in the future.