Our Story


The beginnings of Banner Hill Church are rooted throughout four couples whose hearts have been burdened to share the hope of Jesus in Framingham, MA. Chris and Ruthie Allen along with Michael Harrison relocated to the New England area in 2011 after traveling together in worship ministry. God was cultivating their dependence on Him as they lead worship events, served in college ministry at Framingham State University, and served in local ministry among the New England region for five years. Dave and Sarah were introduced to the trio through the college ministry and shared that they had been praying and asking the Lord for a movement in Framingham, stating that they sought partnership with others who were like minded. Sensing a strong unity and excited to see God moving, the couples then reached out to Bryan and Jodi, long time friends of Chris Allen. One main theme manifested itself in the hearts of this group, and that was to know God, allow Him to know themselves, and to go and make followers of Jesus. Now they seek to share the gospel truth and pray that Banner Hill Church would be a ray of hope for others seeking the meaning of life.